Midnight Redeemer

Midnight Redeemer - Nancy Gideon I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'Midnight Redeemer' by Nancy Gideon is book six in the "Midnight" series. This is the story of Louis Redman who is a Vampire and Stacy Kimball who is a Human Scientist. This also is a re-release as the book was originally published in 2000.

Stacy has been working finding a link to mortality and possible help to cure people with illness. With a Vampire type Serial killer on the loose things seem to be getting dangerous. Stacy wants to get some of Louis Redman blood as she on to him the he is a Vampire and thinks his blood might help her solve the mystery of her work. Stacy didn't think that she would be attracted to Louis but that seem to be the case also.

Louis has lost Two women in the past and is trying to avoid falling for another human women. But it is hard to fight his feelings for Stacy. Louis starts to think that she might be the key to him becoming human again. Louis has wished for this for so long...can it be a option for him soon?
But with someone appearing to be after Stacy he most try to protect her too.